Dean Siracusa, the founder and inventor of Flying Eyes, has been a pilot for 14 years. He flies a rare airplane: a 1966 Meyers 200D, which, to this day, is still one of the fastest and safest single-engine piston aircraft ever produced.

Because he primarily uses his airplane to fly long distances, Dean has spent a lot of cockpit hours very aware of the way his sunglasses were digging into the sides of his head. He found himself wishing he could find a pair of sunglasses that weren\'t so uncomfortable and that didn\'t cause a noise-leaking gap in the ear pads of his headset.

Never one to engage in wishful thinking when there\'s something he can do, Dean set out to make the ideal sunglasses for wearing with a headset.

After years of research and development, he finally has his Flying Eyes sunglasses in hand and is ready to share them with pilots everywhere.