Flying Eyes Sunglasses are designed to be worn with a headset.
Unlike all other sunglasses, the soft, thin, non-elastic strap on Flying Eyes is unnoticeable between your head and your headset so there is no pressure or pain, even after a long day of flying. The design is so unique and so comfortable, we were recently granted a patent for it.


Thanks to a better seal between the headset and your head, your noise-cancelling headsets will be quieter. No more noise leaks! If you’re paying upwards of $1,000 for quality headsets, don’t you want to ensure that you’re getting the best performance out of them?


Standard temples are included with your glasses to swap with the strap. Remove the strap, snap in the regular temples, wear them all day. Flying Eyes are ideal in cockpit, but are also stylish enough to wear anywhere else. Made of lightweight, unbreakable TR-90, the frames can survive any adventure you have.


Many sunglasses are polarized, which can interfere with both the viewing of LCD screens on the instrument panel, and with looking through plastic aircraft windows. Our standard lenses are non-polarized, for optimal performance in the cockpit. We also offer polarized, if you are going to be using them in other contexts.


The neutral grey lenses allow for accurate perception of color charts and instruments.


Flying Eyes’ lenses are dark enough to remove glare from the brightest and haziest days, but not so dark that you can’t see easily in the cockpit. And, with the strap, you can quickly move the glasses to your forehead temporarily so that you can see even better in darker areas of the cockpit.


We’ve used the best polycarbonate lenses available, which means they are shatterproof for safety and decentered (optically correct — no distortion anywhere!) for crystal clear vision. The lenses are coated to help resist scratches so you can comfortably use these glasses professionally on a daily basis and still get many years of use.

If your vision requires a prescription, we’re happy to say that Flying Eyes can be made in your prescription!


The best UV protection available

Pilots have increased exposure to harmful UV radiation from the sun and it’s critical that your sunglasses have the best protection possible.

Flying Eyes Non-Prescription Bifocal Sunglasses


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Prescription lenses available from Sports Optical

We’ve arranged with Sports Optical to allow you to replace the standard lenses with prescription versions. For more information, see our Prescription Information page.


If you don’t need full prescription lenses, just readers, we now have bifocal lenses available in five strengths: +1.5, +2.0, +2.5, +3.0, and +3.5.

The division line where the bifocal section begins is available in two heights:

The high bifocal is a touch higher than “regular” bifocals, which makes it easier to see the instrument panel at a glance in most cockpit environments.

The low bifocal is similar to “reader” glasses, where you have to look down to see through the magnified portion, and is useful if you really only need a bit of magnification for charts and not for the panel.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Flying Eyes are unlike any other sunglasses you've ever flown with. We are so sure you'll love them, we will take them back and refund the purchase if you don't.

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