Frequently asked questions

  1. Are Flying Eyes only for flying or can I use them for cycling, shooting, and other outdoor activities?
    We have discovered that Flying Eyes are great for pretty much any activity that uses a headset or helmet.
  2. Why does Flying Eyes carry non-polarized lenses?
    Polarized lenses can cause interference with acrylic airplane windows and with LCD screens on instrument panels, and that’s not good. We do have a polarized lens option, which may be better for some outdoor sports and activities other than flying.
  3. Can Flying Eyes Sunglasses have prescription lenses?
    Yes! However, due to the nature of Flying Eyes’s 8-base frame, we require exact physical measurements from your optometrist when you give us your prescription information. When you order frames with prescription lenses, we will first send you a pair of frames with plain clear lenses, to allow for proper measurement at your optometrist’s. Once you send us your measurements, we will have the lenses made and send the lenses to you separately, free shipping. You can then replace the clear lenses in your frames with your new prescription lenses. Be aware, while our frames come with a money-back guarantee, prescription lenses are not refundable. They can only be exchanged if there’s a problem with them.
  4. What if I just need reading glasses, not full prescription lenses?
    We are happy to say we now offer non-prescription bifocal lenses! The lenses are the same high-quality, optically-correct polycarbonate as our regular lenses, with various lens options.
  5. How long will it take to get my sunglasses?
    We do our best to get orders out the door the same day for all orders placed before 4pm PST. Our standard shipping is USPS Priority, so the actual amount of time will depend on where you are, but generally within 3-7 days of your order.If you want them faster, we do also offer faster shipping options during checkout, and those options will also show the estimated date your sunglasses would arrive.
  6. Can I place an international order?
    We do not currently have any distributors outside the USA. So, if you have a favorite pilot shop in your country, please let them know about us (or let us know about them). Meanwhile, we can ship to most places using USPS services. Options and pricing can be calculated during checkout.
  7. What is the extra piece in the bag with the temples?
    It’s an extra cinch for the headstrap! The light cinch that is on the strap when the sunglasses arrive is suitable for most cockpit environments. Your headset really holds the headstrap in place and the cinch is just there to keep the excess on the back of your head. If you will be doing aerobatics or flying in open cockpits, we suggest that you use the included strong cinch. Changing from the light to the strong cinch is easy. First, remove the light cinch, by pressing the button and sliding it off the strap. Then take a short length of safety wire, an un-bent paper clip or a wire twist-tie and push it through the opening of the strong cinch while pressing on the cinch button. Once it’s through, attach the webbing to the wire and then pull them both through the cinch. Remove the wire and you are ready to go.
  8. Can I try on a pair before buying?
    If you are in the Austin, TX area, give us a call or send us an email and we’ll do our best to let you try them on in person. Or subscribe to our email updates and we’ll let you know when we are planning to be at an air show or somewhere you might try them on.
  9. Are Flying Eyes for men or women?
    Yes! Right now, there is only one style of frame, but Flying Eyes fit most faces and look great on both men and women.
  10. If I don’t like them, can I return them?
    Absolutely! We’re pretty sure you’ll love them, but if you don’t: contact us at 888-568-8978 or by email for a return authorization number within 30 days. We cannot refund shipping, but we’ll refund the purchase price of the sunglasses, plus any sales tax paid.
  11. What if they break?
    If your sunglasses should fail due to a manufacturing defect in the first year, we will absolutely repair or replace them! Contact us at 888-568-8978 or by email for instructions. We also offer a discount on repair/replacement pairs if you should run over them, drop them from 9,500′, or do anything else to cause their unfortunate demise. In that case, contact us to let us know and it will be $79.00 PLUS return shipping and applicable sales tax. (If you manage to mangle more than 2 replacements, the repair/replacement cost for pair number 3 and beyond is $149.00 PLUS return shipping and applicable sales tax.)