If you need full prescription lenses, whether single-vision or bifocal or progressives, please see our Prescription Information page.

If you don’t need any vision correction at the top of your sunglasses, you just want some magnification at the bottom to help with reading, our in-stock non-prescription bifocal sunglasses can help!

Three Strengths:

Our non-prescription bifocal sunglasses are available in three standard strengths: +1.5, +2.0, +2.5

Two Segment Heights:

Different pilots need magnification for different purposes, so we offer our bifocals in two varieties depending on what you need help seeing.

If it helps to have magnification of your panel and you want to be able to glance down at it without much head movement, we have a “high” bifocal. Flying Eyes bifocal lens illustration, high segment

If you really just need magnification to see charts and other fine-print items, but the panel is fine as it is, we have a “low” bifocal.

Flying Eyes bifocal lens illustration, low segment

If you aren’t sure which to order, remember that you can return or exchange them if you need to.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Flying Eyes are unlike any other sunglasses you've ever flown with. We are so sure you'll love them, we will take them back and refund the purchase if you don't.

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